No self-injury since saturday. Yay me^^

I've put myself on sleep deprivation once again and I'm having trouble eating normally respectively keeping it inside. The combination adds up to constant fatigue and a general depressed state of mind. I don't know why I'm doing this. Why I don't allow myself to close my eyes and rest my body for an appropriate amount of time at night. Why I'm determined in the morning to take in a healthy amount of food during the day, failing that goal whenever I'm near edible things just to end up on the bathroom floor like a weak and sick creature. I don't suffer from any kind of ED, I know that. It's more like SI...without blood or scars. 

So - Yay me.    

Just felt like writing in English since I've spent the last 2,5 hours watching US/GB YouTube videos on EDs and SI. Because we all know how much we like some trigger from time to time.

Keep it up. Or have nerve enough to tell Fr. H. about it. I know you won't^^ 

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm overtired and hungry and...sad, why I'm talking like that. I hope so. Because this is not want I want to be like.  

17.6.09 01:43


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